FugitiveInkStudio.com http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/news.php News from FugitiveInkStudio.com en-us FugitiveInkStudio.com http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/images/rss.png http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/news.php 144 144 08.12.22 - Anthem #1, page 4 http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/cartoons/FICU/Anthem/01/index.php Page four of Anthem #1 is up! 08.05.22 - Anthem #1, page 3 http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/cartoons/FICU/Anthem/01/index.php Page three of Anthem #1 is up! 07.29.22 - Anthem #1, page 2 http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/cartoons/FICU/Anthem/01/index.php Page two of Anthem #1 is up! 07.22.22 - New Anthem Comic Begins! http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/cartoons/FICU/Anthem/01/index.php The next chapter in the Fugitive Ink Comic Universe begins today! Anthem #1! I'll be releasing a new page every Friday until this eight page comic is done! 06.27.22 - New Comic! http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/cartoons/various/wanted/wanted.php I've added a new short comic about being wanted. 06.10.22 - Appearance Canceled - Quad Con Wisconsin Dells Comic & Toy Show http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.comhttps://www.facebook.com/events/1417837532008024/ Unfortunately, due to a positive Covid test, I won't be able to attend Quad Con Wisconsin Dells this year. 06.02.22 - MerMay Art Gallery Update! http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/gallery/mermay.php I've added my 2022 mermaid art to the MerMay section of art gallery! 05.02.22 - CouleeCon 2022 - Aug. 19-21 http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.comhttp://www.couleecon.com I'm excited to be running a vendor table at my local board game convention, CouleeCon! This will be my second year setting up a table there. It's a great convention if you're in the area and like board games! Hope to see you there! 04.25.22 - Quad Con Wisconsin Dells Comic & Toy Show - June 12, 2022 http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.comhttps://www.facebook.com/events/1417837532008024/ I'm happy to announce I'll be vending at a new convention for me this year, Quad Con Wisconsin Dells Comic & Toy Show! I'll be selling BRYN, sketch cards, original art, prints, stickers, and more. Hope to see you there! 04.18.22 - New Comics! http://www.FugitiveInkStudio.com/cartoons/various I've added a new section to my website, Various Comics! This includes Otar & Odvar #1, a minicomic I printed last year but never released online until now! You can also find my one page comic Placeholder Friend, and my old gag panels.