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The tricky part about comic strips is that they are not designed to end. The format is designed to simply go on indefinitely. However, I have long believed that all comic strips have an expiration date. That date varies wildly depending on the nature of the individual strip. The trick is to end the comic before it goes stale, or worse, sour.

And for LABS, after three and a half years, I've decided that time has come.

I considered going on hiatus, but I feel I've done just about everything I wanted to do with LABS. Also, I wanted the strip to have closure, both for myself and for you. I won't rule out revisiting the characters at some later date, but I have no plans for that right now. I'm not going to stop creating in general, though I do hope to catch my breath a little before I dive into another major project.

The final LABS strip will run on July 24, 2019 and I'm really happy with the ending I have in mind. But I can't say any more about that.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read LABS, everyone who has shared LABS, and everyone who has encouraged me with your kind words. God bless you all.

Aaron Uglum
June 2019

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