About the Fugitive Ink Comic Universe

BRYN takes place in a comic book superhero universe I've been developing since the mid-2000s. It has its origins in my first webcomic, The Flying Banner, a comic about an anthropomorphic superhero duck. I spent a lot of time developing that universe before the comic ended abruptly. Some ideas never got fleshed out in the comic, and a lot of ideas went unused entirely. Ideas that I liked a lot.

In the years since, I've toyed with these ideas in the back of my head. How might they be used in a different setting? How could characters translate in a more realistic setting? I redesigned characters and added new ones.

It was still missing some big pieces though. I had characters. I had concepts. I didn't have a real story.

Then BRYN happened.

For some reason I took another look at a side character I'd had around for years. I realized he could tell a story I would care about deeply. Something darker and deeper and more meaningful than any comic I'd ever dared to draw.

My hope is that the Fugitive Ink Comic Universe will continue to expand beyond BRYN. Each project capable of having its own look and tone, but all tied together.


Random Cartoons

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