The Flying Banner #2

"Welcome To S.A.G.A."

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(Burrow running, followed by Captain Bagel and Tim.)

Captain Bagel: What is it?

Burrow: About six months ago, Cat stole some experimental electronics detection equipment. The Zebulun warehouse is too old to have the shielding it would need to be undetectable.

Burrow: There should be an emergency hypership up ahead. We can get to the warehouse in that.

(The characters reach the hypership)

Burrow: I just hope this thing still flies.

Tim: I can't go!

Burrow: Look, Cat always tries out new stuff as soon as he gets it. Now, with the kind of firepower he'll find at that warehouse, he could wipe Zebulun off the map. That is, if we don't stop him.

Tim: And you think I can help?

Cap. Bagel: If it weren't for you, we'd still be glued to that wall!

Burrow: But we don't have time to talk! Let's go!


The heroes arrive and find the dusty, old control room. Tim takes a step out of the room, in awe of the warehouse, when the door slams shut. Burrow quickly surmises that Cat has hacked the system and sealed the control room.

Tim is suddenly confronted by Cat and his minions. The minions shock Tim with their electro-spears and Cat orders them to kill him.

As Burrow attempts to regain control of the doors, Bagel sees Tim's plight via the security cameras. Bagel activates the sprinkler system, causing the minions' electro-spears to short out, knocking out the minions.

However, Cat has already armed himself with some sort of blaster from the warehouse. Thinking on his feet and utilizing the various items around the warehouse, Tim manages to get the upper hand. Cat attempts to flee with a few items, but Tim chases down and incapacitates him.

Bagel informs Tim that defeating a known villain automatically qualifies him for S.A.G.A. and the test is waved. Captain Bagel finds one of his old capes at the warehouse and gives it to Tim. (A big upgrade as it is weatherproof, fireproof, etc. That would have been important in the next issue.)

Like it or not, the Flying Banner is officially a super hero.

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